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About the Habere Heart

Gives the gift of time

A baby, at 12 weeks gestation, 3 months of pregnancy, is almost fully formed and can fit
inside the palm of your hand. By this time parents have already bonded with and deeply love their child. Then the unimaginable happens. Family's greatest joy turns into their deepest sorrow.

Cenotaph Products has just finished engineering a design addition that will serve ALL FAMILIES from the tiniest of babies gone too soon. This addition will easily be
incorporated into any Cenotaph Bereavement Cradle and will allow hospitals and staff to give a wider range of families the gift of time to create moments for memories and offer compassionate care at its finest.

Every Heart Beat Matters

When you say 1 in 4 women that means that a group of 4 women may have 3 who have
nothing but happy, healthy pregnancies and one doesn't. It implies that pregnancy loss is something that affects only one kind of woman and not others. The reality is that it
affects 1 in 4 pregnancies. Since most women become pregnant more than once in their
lives that drastically increases the chances that she'll suffer a loss. This means that it
affects a whole lot more than 1 in 4 women.

When babies are born in these very early months, many hospitals only allow families up
to 1.5 hours to 2 hours until such time that the staff takes the baby from their families.
With this new device, whether the baby has passed from stillbirth, accident, injury, or
illness families can use this time making memories with their baby. These memories will
be the moments that will help heal their hearts in the days, weeks, months, and years to

When I started the design of our Cradle my goal from the beginning was to Honor all
Babies. Not just some of them, every single baby. Many of the parents in the Infant Loss
Community have shared their stories and regrets of how their baby had been whisked
away never to be seen again because there was no device capable of slowing down the
process to afford them additional time to spend with their baby(s).

This to me was just not fair. It became incumbent on me to design something that will
allow all families additional time regardless of the gestation period. Now, with THE
HABERE HEART they can. After all, Every Heart Beat Matters!!

We have named the fixture: THE HABERE HEART. In Latin, HABERE means holding
or unfading. So, Holding Heart or Unfading Heart. Now you will be able to take photos
and have as much time as necessary to say: Hello & Goodbye with life-long

Sadly many times in early miscarriages, there can be multiple babies.
THE HABERE HEART can accommodate up to 3 losses or more.

NOTE: The Habere Heart is only available for purchase

to use with the Cenotaph Smart Cradle 

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