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Why This Device Was Invented


This invention relates to an improved and dignified means for parents and families to spend time with a baby who has died before, during or after birth. This “gift of time” allows memory making, keepsake creating, photos to be taken as well as others to meet the baby before the natural changes that occur in death alter the infant’s appearance. These changes include but are not limited to, discoloration, lividity, skin peeling, odor, and fluid leaking.  This invention is intended to accommodate any pregnancy loss or infant death from 20 weeks gestation thru 1 year of age.

For the purposes of this document, a “pregnancy loss”  is defined as a stillbirth. A stillbirth is the birth of a baby who has died in the womb anytime after 20 weeks of gestation (age of fetal viability). Causes of death range from but are not limited to genetic disorders, maternal disorders, placenta problems, cord knots or compressions, injury to the mother, injury to the baby, illnesses and no known cause at all. Babies who die inside the womb after 20 weeks still have to be delivered or birthed.  

For the purposes of this document “infant death”  refers to any baby who survived birth up through one year of age who passes for any reason. Causes include but are not limited to

congenital abnormality, prematurity, injury, illness, SIDS, accident or other causes.

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